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Hydro Tek Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hydro Tek Hot Water Pressure Washer in TN

Hydro Tek hot water skids are totally contained high output hot water pressure washers with serious cleaning power. The units feature a slimline design with stainless steel frames and are available in 5.5gpm & 8gpm models. Hydro Tek offers lifetime coil warranties on these machines.

Hydro Tek HD Pressure Washer Features

Powerful Diesel Burners & Economical Heating System:
Get both power and efficiency. Auto-ignition makes operation easier and safer. HD Direct Drive units have open backsides for easy service access.

8 Gallon Fuel Tank with Filtration:
Rust free fuel tanks with filters protect against contaminated fuel. The tank allows the pressure washer to run longer, minimizing downtime.

Stainless Steel Housing & Frame:
Get rustproof protection to protect your pressure washer from the harshest environments. Remove panel for full access to all major components. HD Direct Drive units have open backside for easy service access.

Adjustable Temperature:
The adjustable temperature knob has a steam cleaning setting. System temperature can be easily changed from the trigger gun. This added convenience reduces wear of the pump, prevents the pump from running dry and eats up less energy.

Powerful Soap Injection:
The belt drive models are equipped with inlet soap injection on top of the precision chemical metering valve and float tank to inject soap at full pressure. Panel mounted controls enable the operator to easily control the mixture of detergents or additives.  A downstream injection option is available.

Belt Driven Pump:
High torque, low RPM drive - cooler, quieter, continuous duty performance. EZ Align™ tensioning system allows for easy belt adjustment with a single adjustment bolt. Just remove the bolts to extract the pump if ever servicing or performing preventative maintenance.

Bypass Cool System:
This built-in safety precaution uses the float tank as a radiator to prevent overheating in bypass. Rest easy knowing you're equipment is protected if you ever leave the pressure washer running by accident.


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